Skin Treatments

Our aim is to offer the very best in non-surgical treatments in Bournemouth.

We are happy to discuss your skin requirements during a private consultation and can recommend your anti-aging, skin rejuvenating or body shaping plan and find solutions to your skin problem.

Acne Clearance

Want an effective solution to clearing your acne?

Get your confidence back with our IPL laser treatment designed to clear and reduce acne.

Our acne clearance treatment can be completed in as little as 20-­‐30 minutes. IPL laser treatments can also ease redness and can also permanently reduce scarring caused by acne.

Our acne clearance treatments specifically target the bacteria responsible for causing the acne to develop, thus actively reducing the amount of acne present on the skin.

From £150 per session.

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Whether you’ve decided on a skin treatment, or just have a question, our team of experts are here to help





Facial Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are small, red blood vessels near the surface of the skin and are often found on the face.

Second Skin provide an effective and safe treatment specifically designed to reduce the appearance of unwanted thread veins from the face.

The unique IPL targets the affected areas specifically and destroys the proteins in the thread veins. Over time, the thread veins will gradually and safely disappear from your skin.

From £75 per session.